Scepter (Canada) 20 Litres Yellow HDPE Plastic (Petrol/Diesel) Short Jerry Can

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Product Overview

Introducing the Scepter (Canada) 20 Litres Yellow HDPE Plastic (Petrol/Diesel) Short Jerry Can, expertly crafted for the secure storage of Diesel and Petrol (Gasoline).

Scepter, a renowned Canadian brand, guarantees superior quality in fuel containment.

Notes to Users:

  • Sturdy pouring spout; avoid excessive bending to prevent detachment.
  • Wide base design enhances stability.
  • For space efficiency, consider the Scepter (Canada) 20 Litres HDPE Plastic (Petrol/Diesel) Tall Jerry Can.


  • Scepter HDPE Jerry Can Parts Kit
  • Scepter HDPE Jerry Can ECO Spout


Durable HDPE

Recommended Usage:

Diesel & Gasoline (Petrol)

Dimensions (CM):

Approx. 9.8(W) x 14.8(L) x 14.5(H)

Product Weight (KG):
To be Updated, Approx. 

UPC: 063923076491